Eliza Barsanti

Eliza Barsanti is a skilled marketing and public relations professional with a knack for creating and managing meaningful initiatives for any organization. She is a branding enthusiast who excels at harnessing an organization’s story and strengths, and turning those into campaigns that spark conversation and inspiration. With a proven track record of solving problems creatively and effectively, Eliza also shines in the areas of ideation and strategy development. 


  • North Carolina State University Caldwell Fellow 
  • Through agency work, Eliza collaborated with a wide range of international clients from beauty brands to B2B technology companies, guiding them through the ideation and implementation processes involved in crafting effective strategic marketing campaigns
  • Spearheaded communications and branding initiatives for an academic scholarship organization, boosting the number of social media impressions by up to 70% 
  • Certified in Cultural Competence, Eliza is knowledgeable on crafting campaigns that are socially conscious and globally aware
  • Created and delivered widespread communications initiatives to increase voter engagement across North Carolina
  • Worked with an international NGO on initiatives to expand annual financial donorship and stakeholder engagement
  • Earned a scholarship to attend The School of the New York Times in its pilot year, where she discovered a love for crafting compelling public relations initiatives and working with media partners